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How to Clean a TV or Screen

When it comes to cleaning expensive electronics, you need to be extra careful. Choosing the wrong products, rubbing too hard or spilling liquids could mean thousands of dollars in damages and probably a couple angry words! Despite this risk, many homeowners have no idea as to how they should clean their electronics screens and often destroy or break them in the process. To begin with, let’s look at the common mistakes:

  • Using too much liquid
  • Spraying liquid directly on to the screen
  • Using a glass cleaning chemical
  • Cleaning the screen with a dirty rag

All of these mistakes can cause damage to your screen or TV. Later on we’ll show you precisely how you should go about Toronto cleaning these devices, but first, let’s explain why these mistakes are problematic so you never repeat them ever again.

How to Clean a TV screen

When you use too much liquid you massively increase the risk of liquid damage to the device. Any small cracks or thin parts of the screen are more likely to absorb this water. Similarly, on TV’s and many devices the bottom of the screen where the glass connects to the bezel is porous, meaning that water can leak in. If you use too much, even on a rag, it can drip down into this crack and come up under the screen where it will cause bubbling and even short-circuiting of the device.

The same is true for spraying liquid directly on to the screen. If you don’t quickly wipe it, it’s going to drip down into this bezel, particularly on televisions, and can cause serious damage. We would always recommend that any liquid or products you use are sprayed onto a cleaning material first to prevent liquid damage.

On the subject of cleaning products, perhaps the biggest and most common mistake that homeowners make is to clean their televisions and screens with a glass cleaning product. It makes sense, right? Screens are glass and therefore you should be able to use Windex or a similar chemical. Wrong, the surface of a television and many mobile devices isn’t glass, it’s a protective layer that goes on the top of it and is heavily damaged by Windex. Using it on the screen can cause it to turn a yellow or brown color and once this layer becomes damaged the chemical can often get under the screen and cause bubbles and marks to appear. Whatever you do, never use Windex or glass cleaning chemicals. The right product to use is a specialized TV or mobile device cleaning chemical which is safe and perfect for daily cleaning.

For the final mistake, some people grab any old rag and use it to wipe their screen. The problem is that this rag might have small crumbs or dirt on it, which you’re scraping across the surface of the glass and therefore are likely to cause scratches and scrapes on the surface.

With those mistakes out of the way, let’s look at what you should do to clean your TV:

  1. Take a clean microfiber cloth and dampen it slightly in warm water or a specialized cleaning product
  2. Turn off the device
  3. Lightly wipe the surface of the device or TV with the cloth
  4. Allow the device to fully dry
  5. Turn it back on

Simple, right? Truthfully, most people worry too much about cleaning these devices. It’s simple, don’t use any harsh chemicals, don’t use too much liquid and always choose a fresh cloth that’s not going to leave scratches. Alternatively, why not hire us to clean your home for you?